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Find out who's behind an email

Look up an email address and find the owner's name, see their social media profiles, photos, street address, and phone number

Looking for current information about someone, but have just their email address? Spokeo's email lookup service can help.

Just enter their email address to look them up. When your search finds a match in the email address directory, you can find out who owns that email address — their name, current phone numbers, street address, and other contact information along with photos and links to their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, VK, ClassMates, etc…

Spokeo scans through all the important social networks and public sources to help you find someone by their email address. This is known as reverse email search, because you start with an email address and find out their name (and a lot more).

What it's good for

  • Learn about who’s emailed you
  • Find out what the Internet has to say about someone
  • Find current contact information from someone you lost touch with
  • Look up someone's new email address using their old one
  • Reconnect with old classmates, teammates and colleagues
  • Search through a directory of email addresses
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